Terms and conditions

Professionalism never happens by accident.

Passion breeds professionalism, professionalism gives quality. Quality is luxury“.


These terms & conditions have been created and adopted based on experience, events, frequently asked questions and standard practices in the photographic services industry. I call myself a “PHOTOGRAPHER” and anyone who uses my services as a “CLIENT”. These regulations were created to make cooperation clear and pleasant. There is no need to be nervous of it, although it seems specific, these particulars mean mutual good and joy.

1. Before the session, every Client will receive a link to these terms & conditions. The choice to use the services of a photographer is equal to accepting everything included in these regulations.

2. Before arranging a session, please ask about the availability of the date.

3. The date is reserved for three days in the case of reservations made in direct contact with the Photographer and for 30 minutes in the case of online calendar reservations.
During this time, the advance payment must be made according to the information on the photostory.co.uk website. In the event of its absence, the date is automatically cancelled without any notification and returns to the pool of dates available to others.

4. The first postponement of the paid reservation date by the Client is associated with the compensation of the amount for the session.
The second session shift has no consequences.
The third attempt will result in the loss of all deposited money.

5. The Photographer may postpone the session only in emergencies and will make every effort to prevent it. The Photographer is aware of the Client’s effort to organise a holiday, childcare, beautician, etc., and understands that this is not a comfortable situation for either party, so he rarely postpones sessions.

6. Clients willing to attend sessions must entrust the Photographer with their name, e-mail address and telephone number in order to contact me in matters relating to my services. i.e. creating an online gallery where the customer selects photos and products. The data is not passed on to anyone else. By providing their data, they agree to their processing by me as part of my services. Without providing the data by the Client, the Photographer is not able to perform his work.

7. The customer receives precisely the number of photos he/she purchased. It is not possible to obtain “rest” photos, i.e. raw/processed photos, for free. However, it may purchase additional shots. The price list informs the Client about the time spent on the session and the price for each subsequent hour. The customer can purchase unprocessed photos in JPG format after prior price determination. The customer CANNOT publish unprocessed images.

Frequently asked questions:
a. Can we get the rest of the photos we did not select?
– unfortunately not, but you can buy them, because that’s my job. The price for the processed photos will be determined during the conversation with the Photographer.
b. – what about the rest of the photos we haven’t selected?
-if you do not inform Photographer about your willingness to buy additional shots within the next six months, the raw material is removed from the Photographer’s records.

8. The Photographer will make every effort to ensure that the final effect is consistent with the clients’ expectations. Preparation for the session is critical; the quality of the photos depends on them. The Photographer is not responsible for the quality of the final work caused by the Client’s negligence.

9. The gallery with the Client’s session is prepared by:
– up to 7 business days for raw photos
– up to 30 working days for processed photos
It is the Photographer who decides which option will be presented to the Client
During the online presentation, the photos are protected with watermarks, which are removed after the purchase and payment for the shot.

10. The express service, when the customer receives photos processed within 14 days, is associated with an additional fee of 100 GBP.

11. Consent to publish. 
Each Client can decide for himself whether he allows the Photographer to publish his/her image on:
-Facebook – http://PhotoStory.uk
-Twitter – http://PhotoStory.uk
-Instagram: timi22
-PhotoStory.uk website
-during exhibitions, openings, fairs
-publications in the press or advertising materials
The Client’s consent for the Photographer is extremely important because it is the only way to promote my work. The customer may withdraw the consent at any time.

12. The Photographer always confirms the date and time of the session by e-mail or text message a few days before the session. In the event of no response to the day before the session, the Photographer sends a notification of cancellation of the session date. Punctuality in arriving at the session is essential. If you feel you are running late, please let me know.

The customer can pick up the final product in person or use the shipping option. Personal collection must take place within 30 days from the date of receipt of the information that the product is ready for it. After 30 days, the unclaimed end product will be destroyed. The customer covers the entire cost of redoing the product. The customer can collect the final product after this date if, within the above 30 days, he/she informs the Photographer about an emergency that prevents him from doing so.

If the Client makes the picture selection himself, he has a maximum of 14 days to do so. After this time, the Photographer does not guarantee that he will hand over the work within 30 working days from the date of selection (a delayed selection may, for example, fall into the holiday period or intensive work and may extend up to 100 working days) and does not guarantee that the session will be maintained after the designated deadline. Suppose the customer does not choose within 60 days from the receipt of the gallery. In that case, the session is removed from the discs without reimbursement of the costs incurred by the customer. Deleting a session is irreversible. The Photographer can help the Client choose; the Photographer has 30 working days to do so.

15. The Client is obliged to familiarise himself/hersalf with the Photographer’s portfolio, his style of processing and work. The Client cannot expect the Photographer to perform a work inconsistent with his sense of aesthetics and the style characteristic of the Photographer, including colours, contrast and framing.

– outdoor photo sessions:
When deciding to take an outdoor photo session, the Client must be aware that the outdoor is outside the photo studio. For wedding sessions, photos will be taken in public spaces (churches, offices, wedding halls, gardens, parks, etc.).
– studio photo sessions:
A client who decides to take a studio photo session must exercise some moderate caution. It is a place where there are many items: backgrounds, lamps, wardrobe, furniture, cosmetics. Valuable things for the Photographer and the Client should approach everything with respect. The Client is responsible for his child, including any harm he causes to his own body. The Photographer is insured against various random events for himself and the Client, which may occur during the session, but health damage is always health damage – an unnecessary situation.

When choosing a session, the Client receives exactly what the session concerns. The Client cannot choose, for example, an “outdoor” session and take a few photos for documents, a few business photos for the website or romantic hugs. Of course, it is no problem to discuss this possibility in advance.

18. The copyrights to the photo are ALWAYS the property of the Photographer, as defined by law. The purchase of a photograph is not tantamount to ownership within the meaning of the COPYRIGHT LAW; therefore, pictures may not be sent to contests without the Photographer’s consent.

Everyone who comes to the Photographer sees his work. One cannot interfere, command and demand a different system of work from him. For example, any graphic wishes: please attach my sweater on or remove something, etc., is a GRAPHIC SERVICE, NOT a PHOTO SERVICE. The graphic service is priced individually and can be rejected by the Photographer. It is imperative to choose a photographer consciously and according to how he works.


My work is also my passion, which is a great bonus for you, because you can be sure that I will give my heart and commitment to work. The above guidelines are dictated by a great desire on both sides to live a wonderful time without nerves, understatements or lost respect. You are important to me. Thanks to you, I can develop and create beautiful photos. Every moment spent with you is an honour for me.